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 A selection of programme covers and flyers from recent and not-so-recent productions......

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A very special programme from 1948

This programme from 1948 came to light in very unusual circumstances. A lady bought a bag in a car boot sale in Stratford Upon Avon early in 2017. In the bag was this programme! It is not known by whom the bag was originally owned, though one might presume they had something to do with the Society or had been to see the show.

The new owner contacted the current secretary of CMT and very kindly offered to send it; an offer we could not refuse, and we would like to offer our thanks for this gesture.

It makes fascinating reading, the more so as it would appear that we have at least one descendant still in CMT today!

The programme would seem to suggest that The British Legion Operatic Society (the forerunner of CMT) had sought special dispensation from the D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. to perform the work.

Its rather formal style contrasts sharply with today's desk-top-published slickly designed programmes and contains the rather stiff instruction......

"LADIES....Kindly remove your hats-----If possible" 

And one plea well-known to all Amateur Operatic Societies even today: "NOTE--We have vacancies for MALE Singers. Kindly make application to Hon. Sec."

....and a selection from further back

Another special programme, as this marked the opening of Daneside Theatre, Congleton's first purpose-built theatre. This was brought about by the building of a new by-pass, which meant that  the previous premises were subject to a compulsory purchase order. For the first time the music and drama societies (of which Congleton Operatic Society was but one) in Congleton had a permanent home which was opened on 4th October 1984.

CAOS was to become the first society to use the theatre days later with its production of "Brigadoon".


"Them Thar Hills", a show for which older members hold much affection even now. Gentle numbers such as "When we're cleaning out the pigs" are not easily forgotten.....

And from the 1950's.....

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